Divine Powers of Rudraksha

Indian Sages, Gurus and Hermits were the first who discovered the divine power of Rudraksha, the extraordinary seeds hidden within the brilliant blue fruits of evergreen trees, growing in the sacred upper Himalayan range. Researching their miraculous spiritual powers, the masters strung the Rudraksha seeds together and realized that, by wearing them, the Rudraksha amplified, radiated and channelled peace, power and protection against negativity. They also found that Rudraksha provided many divine channels, reflected in their different ‘faces’, called mukhis, which are seen on the surfaces of each bead. Each mukhi has its own specific benefits.


Changes and heals your karma quickly and profoundly. Considered the sacred symbol of Shiva, this rare and precious sacred bead protects against all forms of negativity, guides and manifests your deepest longings and resonates with peace, wisdom and abundance, while its power increases the power of your will. Highly recommended for every serious and inspired spiritual seeker.


Balances the male/female dynamic – the protective and receptive energies – between the couple and within each individual, nurtures mutual support and positive alignment of desires, increases the power of forgiveness and enhances one’s ability to give more fully and openly.


Confers freedom from past karmas, increases the purity of one’s intentions and strengthens willpower. Restores health, flexibility of spirit and divine confidence. Opens the heart and mind to greater wisdom, reveals one’s purpose in life more clearly and transforms all endeavours. Highly recommended for those who feel blocked by unworthiness, self-doubt, anxiety, fear and guilt.


Confers greater insight, creative intelligence & eloquence. Awakens and enhances artistic abilities, improves focus and retention of information, helpful in formulating and executing plans in order to realize one’s vision.


Confers peace of mind and general health & wellbeing. Increases vitality, longevity and calm in the face of negativity and stress. Balances and enhances one’s receptivity to wisdom and confers the ability to act quickly and surely when faced by challenges and obstacles.


Confers charisma, a commanding presence and the power to influence others more positively. Helps remove jealousy, anger, and stage fright. Restores confidence and confers extreme poise. Balances the masculine energy and is known to increase male potency.


Attracts wealth, abundance, prosperity and success in one’s endeavours. Overcomes financial worry and struggles, protecting from reversals of fortune. Confers greater personal authority, generosity, insight and the wisdom to navigate one’s path to greater and greater success.


Confers the ability to overcome all obstacles, positively channel one’s passions, handle the discord of others and mitigate one’s own resistance to success. Creates a smoother, uninterrupted flow of progress, resulting in greater accomplishment in one’s endeavours.


Inspires infinite courage and the ability to masterfully handle negativity. Neutralizes bad habits, opens the heart chakra to divine knowledge and wisdom and provides powerful protection circles against outward attacks, injustice, and cruelty.


A divine shield against negativity, it removes doubts, fear and confusion, reveals the truth at the heart of any situation, overcomes chronic lack of success and protects from the unknown manipulations of others. Is also said to protect against black magic and evil spirits.


Confers the wisdom to know and live one’s true purpose, inspires spontaneous right action and endows you with the inner strength to face and conquer whatever challenges may come. Greatly amplifies and channels true spiritual power and inspires greatness.


Enhances personal charisma, clarity, insight, strength and fortitude. Helps one attain greater influence in society. Purifies the inner mental-emotional blocks that hinder a deeper understanding of your highest truth while it amplifies your personal power.


Helps attain a true balance between one’s spiritual and materialistic aspirations. Confers riches and honour as well as opens channels to tremendous spiritual power. Strengthens the heart, heals heartbreak, invigorates and attracts romance and inspires deep abiding love.


Inspires one-pointed focus, providing an immoveable sense of peace and calm. Removes blocks and internal resistance hindering deeper spiritual experiences. It opens one’s Third Eye, awakens knowledge of the past, present, and future, and reveals one’s divine channels.


Opens one’s awareness to the subtlest state of consciousness, Ritambhara Pragya, “where only the Truth is known”. From there, the heart’s deepest desires easily manifest. Confers tremendous energy and vitality and inspires greater depth of insight, including recognizing the status of another soul.


Creates conscious soul-to-soul connections, inspires deeper intimate relationships and others to become more open and supportive of you. Confers tremendous vitality, longevity and victory in all things via your relationships, whether they be casual, intimate or business, legal, financial.


Confers the power of divine intuition, protects from high negativity and removes obstacles and alleviates unforeseen hardships and the debilitating grief, which commonly inspire confusion, loss and heartbreak. Heals the pain and suffering, which comes from past life karma.


Confers the abundant, nurturing, gift-giving power of Mata Bhumi, “Mother Earth”. Creates a soulful bond with the Earth element, brings deep joy, healing and opens the channel of wealth and creativity and blesses dealings with land and property. Increases peace and the fertility of one’s mind, heart, soul and body.


Ganesh’s power is the synergy of the divine feminine and divine masculine, which overcomes all obstacles along your path to success and enlightenment. This special, sacred bead has a raised ‘trunk’, emblematic of the beloved Elephant God.

Gauri Shankar

Improves and heals troubled relationships/partnerships/ marriages, confers great happiness and strengthens the bond between lovers. For single people, it helps to attract a soul match. Brings balance, mitigates obsessive, addictive behaviour. Also blesses men with great stamina and vitality and women with fertility and smoother monthly cycles.

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